Discrete Structures (CSN-106)


The aim of this course is to introduce the basic mathematics needed for computer science. The topics which will be covered includes elementary set theory, graph theory, logic, abstract algebra, and number theory.

Course Plan: PDF

Lectures: LHC-104, Tutorials: LHC-314
Lectures: MON(16:05-17:00), THU(16:05-17:00), FRI(17:05-18:00), Tutorials: MON(11:05-12:00), MON(12:05-13:00), THU(09:00-09:55), THU(10:00-10:55), Office Hours: TUE-FRI(11:00-12:00)
Teaching Assistants

PG TAs: Swati Gupta ♦ Abhishek Sharma ♦ Anmol Agarwal ♦ Aarti Kumari
UG TAs: Aashaka Shah ♦ Akashdeep Goel ♦ Sharanpreet Singh ♦ Vaibhav Gosain ♦ Abhishek Jaisingh ♦ Suraj Gupta

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