Database Management Systems (CSN-351)


The aim of this course is to introduce the concepts of database management systems and the design of relational databases. Few advanced topics on database management systems are also covered in this course.

Course Plan: PDF

Lectures: LH-02, Tutorials: W-201, Seminar Room 1
Lectures: MON, TUE, THU (14:00-14:55), Tutorials: WED (11:05-12:00, 12:05-13:00, 18:00-18:55)
Teaching Assistants
  • Jayendra Barua
  • Nivedita Sinha
  • Hitesh Kumar
  • Silberschatz, A., Korth, H. and Sudershan, S., Database System Concepts, 6th Ed., McGraw-Hill. (amazon)
  • Elmasri, R. and Navathe, S.B., Fundamentals of Database Systems, 6th Ed., Pearson Education. (amazon)
  • Ramakrishnan, R. and Gekhre, J., Database Management Systems, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill. (amazon)