PhD Scholar:


  • Gaurav Bharadwaj [ongoing]


MTech Students:


2018 [ongoing]

  • Girish Koshti: Analysis and Characterization of Geometric Objects in Tetrahedral Grid [Final]
  • Prashant Sahu: Personalization of User Experience using Learning Algorithms [Final]
  • Rahul Singla: Web Information Retrieval and Processing using Automated Segmentation [Final]
  • Sushant Sharma: Large-scale Web Crawling — Discovery, Storage, and Maintenance [Final]


BTech Students:


2018 [ongoing]

  • Punit Dhoot, Saleel PK, Shagun Arora: Thinning of Objects using Simplifier and Isthmus Voxels [Final]
  • Ketan Mittal, Pratyush Rajput, Shiva Soni: A(ge)nt Pursuit on Arbitrary Digital Surfaces [Final]
  • Ankit Dulani: Convexity Measure of 3D Digital Surface Patches [Final]


  • Aniket Gupta, Siddhant Roy, Shivam Dwivedi: Spherical Propagation in 3D Integer Space [Final]
  • Anshul Shah, Nikhil Sheoran, Tirth Patel: Analysis, Recognition, and Generation of Voice [Lab-based]
  • Ketan Mittal, Pratyush Rajput, Shiva Soni: Designing a Bot for Heads-up Poker Game [Lab-based]
  • Sanatan Sharma, Shishir Jindal, Tarun Jindal: Auto-Ranking Amazon Reviews [Lab-based]
  • Paras Jindal, Shubham Soni, Yogesh Biyani: Automated Detection of Web Technologies [Lab-based]
  • Karishma, Manish Kumar, Udit Pal Singh: Web Scrapping for Technology Detection [Auxiliary]
  • Bharat, Purushottam Abhisheikh: 2D Vector Rendition of 3D Objects [Summer]
  • Aniruddha Mahapatra, Aviroop Pal: Convexity Analysis of Voronoi Regions on 3D Naive Plane [Summer]
  • Harsh Kumar Singh, Shivam Rishishwar: Data Structures for Efficient Storage and Retrieval of Discrete Geometric Objects [Summer]
  • Amrinder Singh, Tarandeep Singh: Crawling Video Lectures using YouTube Search API [Summer]
  • Harsh Jain: Study of Drupal 8, an Open-Source Content Management System [Summer]
  • Tushar Chandra (MSIT): Neighborhood Analysis of Naive Sphere Points [Summer]